Welcome to Arti Pediatrics!

Our practice is dedicated to providing the best of care to our lovable little ones. It offers a variety of services and benefits, and works to improve the lifestyles of our patients and families. We love what we do, and would love for you to work with us towards building a healthy baby, healthy family, and healthy lifestyle.

Our Practice Philosophy

Every day, our staff works towards providing comprehensive, compassionate care for each and every patient we cater to; our care extends past the physical maladies to emotional support and understanding. We care about our patients, and stand firm in our belief that everyone′s story is worth listening to, and therefore focus our time and attention towards your version of events. We strive towards providing quick, efficient feedback and achieve this through same day availability during and after work hours.

      The fundamentals of this clinic build from the founding ideal that every child deserves integrated and individualized attention throughout their lifetimes, leading to our policy of the continuity of care past birth. This extends to after hour care; answering questions through several mediums such as phones, email, facebook, newsletter, etc.
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Prenatal and New Patients

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