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Growing Child | Dr. Arti JainThe Growing Child
Your child is growing faster than you imagined and keeping up to date with the ever increasing requirements is becoming a daunting task. Here is a list of few links which is categorized on the basis of various growth stages of a child. So, if you have an infant with cold or a toddler in need of potty training, these resources are going to be of great help.
Ages/ Stages
Dealing with common symptoms | Dr. Arti JainDealing with common symptoms
Swollen arm, coughing, stomach ache….there is an endless symptoms requiring your attention with a growing child in the house and it leaves you confused and exhausted to take a step and understand from where to start. The symptom checker is a detailed resource to understand the seriousness of the situation, make informed decisions and take actions accordingly.
Symptom Checker
Serving the Nutritional Needs | Dr. Arti JainServing the Nutritional Needs
Making nutrition decision is almost same as making health decision for your child. And with the plethora of available options, needless to say it is not an easy choice. Understanding the nutritional requirements for your child, the right and wrong of various food types and managing the intake could be made slightly easier with the below link.
Healthy Recipes | Dr. Arti JainHealthy Recipes
Wondering what to cook every day? How to make your child eat without force feeding him? Here is a list of some healthy and quick meals that your children would love and meal time will turn into fun times.
Healthy Eating
Choose my Plate
Other Resources | Dr. Arti JainOther Resources
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